paint20191016untitled | Painting


I Have Never Been Here Before

2019, mixed media on panel, 915 x 915mm, 3618 x 3618in
  • IHNBHB (I Have Never Been Here Before) was made on a leftover piece of MDF plywood that I salvaged while working as preparator. There is a lot of waste generally in the current world I live in, especially in the realm of art. I don't exclusively work like this but I love working on leftover or discarded non-precious materials.
  • IHNBHB developed in my periphery while I worked on other paintings and projects, using it for a period of time as a working surface. I used what is now the back as a cutting board for making slip cases and and card boxes. I used the front as a surface to make gouache paintings on paper. I also used it as a stable surface to turn my bed into a table where I could put my coffee, paint and glue containers while focusing on other paintings.
  • This painting came to be through utilizing accidents and indirect mark making techniques. I like to think of it as growing into itself more than being directly created. While I tend to utilize some marks made in the periphery in most of my paintings (the grow over create concept), IHNBHB contains almost only these kinds of marks.
  • Like many of my paintings, I see landscape when I look at IHNBHB.