Studio 20130824

2013 August 25th
I’ve been drawing faces for the past two weeks.

These two images demonstrate the light in my current studio. The first was taken at 4:50pm today and the second was taken at 6:10pm.

I hung this on the wall today. It records light, temperature and humidity every minute. I can then graph that information (over time).

Floor Table

2013 August 23rd


2013 August 21st


2013 August 2nd

Lime Putty Mortar Tests

2013 July 14th

Black Gesso, Limewash and Clay

2013 July 5th

Temperature Light & Humidity Graph

2013 May 20th

This is visualization of light (represented with the yellow line) temperature in Fahrenheit (red) and humidity (blue) from 6:54am May 19th to a little after 9am on May 20th. The data for light is taken with a CdS photoresistor (link is to the exact photoresistor used and place I got it from) and mapped on a scale of 0 – 1000. Both temperature (F) and humidity are mapped on a scale of 0 – 100 (while Fahrenheit is in degrees, humidity is a percentage).

images of device and location:

Studio 20130503

2013 May 5th
These two images are from last week 20130428:

This image was taken by my friend Alexis two days ago (she watered them for me):

Studio 20130425

2013 April 25th

Studio 20130419

2013 April 19th