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Temperature Light & Humidity Graph

2013 May 20th

This is visualization of light (represented with the yellow line) temperature in Fahrenheit (red) and humidity (blue) from 6:54am May 19th to a little after 9am on May 20th. The data for light is taken with a CdS photoresistor (link is to the exact photoresistor used and place I got it from) and mapped on a scale of 0 – 1000. Both temperature (F) and humidity are mapped on a scale of 0 – 100 (while Fahrenheit is in degrees, humidity is a percentage).

images of device and location:

draw0001 (Processing sketch)

2013 February 22nd

Click the following link to use the sketch:

draw here

  • click to draw
  • pressing space bar slightly changes the shape of the brush (randomizes the 500 dots making up the brush).
    • I like pressing space bar often
  • the angle of the brush slowly rotates over time
  • press keys: R = red, O = orange, Y = yellow (greenish yellow), G = green, B = blue, U = purple, P = pink
  • press keys: 0-9 for a gray scale (0 is black and 9 is white)

Following are drawings I made with this sketch, using a larger canvas:

Draw with White and Black (Processing sketch)

2013 February 22nd

Draw with White and Black (Processing sketch)


  • clicking draws (the original brush is a white circle with a black outline)
  • pressing B changes the brush to black
  • pressing W changes the brush to white
  • pressing P prints a png of your image to a new window

Grayscale Processing Sketch

2013 February 18th

Above is a link to a Processing sketch that I call grayscale. After following the link, clicking on the scale transforms it into a 10 hue color grid. Holding the mouse button down and moving it along the x axis (left-right) adjusts the saturation of the colors while moving the mouse along the y axis (up-down) adjusts the brightness.