Manuel Angeja



I just started working on historyPainting.php (the landing page for my historyPainting project). I'm creating an array that holds information about each individual that I have collected. Each item in the array, which is called $hp_players, is itself an associative array. I ran into a problem of how to sort $hp_players by one of each internal array's entries (in this case I wanted to sort by date of birth or dob). I was able to find a solution at this url: There is another step that would make this more useful if I wanted to use this functionality more often.


I have been getting really into php functions over the past few months. One habit that I am forming is to use arrays to log notes about how the function is working.


This is the first entry in my "ideas" project. At this point I'm thinking that it each will be wrapped with a starting timestamp as well as a ending timestamp.

The structure that I have developed assumes that each entry is on a single line in the text document. Any html can be included but should be written on the same line. For instance this entry has two paragraphs that are marked with paragraph tags.