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Bay 20130226

2013 February 26th

Bay 20130225

2013 February 25th

Fava Beans

2013 February 24th


2013 February 24th
acrylic paint on canvas 900 x 1456 mm

paintings in progress

2013 February 23rd
I am currently trying to decide if I should stretch the [above] leftovers of two drop-cloths (I used each drop-cloth to make two 900 x 1456 mm stretched paintings).

Each leftover could result in two 247 x 400 mm paintings. I am interested in stretching both the front and back of these (the side that was mostly put on the ground face up and the side usually face down, directly touching the ground).

I am currently more interested stretching them because although I like how they look hanging unstretched, I think giving them the frame and objectness of a painting would provoke the viewer (including myself) to see them differently.

draw0001 (Processing sketch)

2013 February 22nd

Click the following link to use the sketch:

draw here

  • click to draw
  • pressing space bar slightly changes the shape of the brush (randomizes the 500 dots making up the brush).
    • I like pressing space bar often
  • the angle of the brush slowly rotates over time
  • press keys: R = red, O = orange, Y = yellow (greenish yellow), G = green, B = blue, U = purple, P = pink
  • press keys: 0-9 for a gray scale (0 is black and 9 is white)

Following are drawings I made with this sketch, using a larger canvas:

Draw with White and Black (Processing sketch)

2013 February 22nd

Draw with White and Black (Processing sketch)


  • clicking draws (the original brush is a white circle with a black outline)
  • pressing B changes the brush to black
  • pressing W changes the brush to white
  • pressing P prints a png of your image to a new window

Grayscale Processing Sketch

2013 February 18th

Above is a link to a Processing sketch that I call grayscale. After following the link, clicking on the scale transforms it into a 10 hue color grid. Holding the mouse button down and moving it along the x axis (left-right) adjusts the saturation of the colors while moving the mouse along the y axis (up-down) adjusts the brightness.

Garden 20130211

2013 February 11th

Albers Processing Sketch

2013 February 10th

processing sketch influenced by Josef Albers’ work