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Garden in April

2012 April 30th

Sixty-six years of service (1909)

2012 April 24th


Aquatic Garden day 62

2012 April 20th

My fish Neptune got some fin rot. It got pretty bad and the top fin completely disappeared and the top of his body started turning white. I went to Albany Aquarium to ask if there was anything that I could/should do. They gave me a product (anti-bacterial I think–I will get specific product later) and a schedule with slightly modified directions. I treated for five days and it seems to have worked. The first two images were taken on the last day of treatment after I put a few plants back in. The closeups were taken the first day of treatment when the fin was at it’s worst.

new small paintings

2012 April 14th

SF Bay 20120413

2012 April 13th


2012 April 11th

bugs in the garden

2012 April 8th