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2011 May 29th

I started and worked on this Friday May 27th. I don’t think it was a good idea to crop the left and right off the original. I’m thinking about starting another that isn’t cropped.

(full size image)


side by side:

2011 May 28th

new scraps

2011 May 27th

fava dinner

2011 May 24th

fava beans (4 cups fresh)
andouille sausage (4)
onion (half)
garlic (4 cloves)
cumin (1 tsp)
salt (1 tsp or to taste)
olive oil

pinto bean

2011 May 24th


2011 May 24th


2011 May 24th


2011 May 24th

new scraps

2011 May 17th


2011 May 7th

colors mixed while painting May 5th and 6th 2011:

full size image