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looking at things too close

2008 October 19th

I’m wondering if the ends should ever justify the means. I think that I believe in the micro–the means. I like looking at things too close. I believe that the result (the whole, the big picture) is always an unknown.

Lynne Stewart interviews

2008 October 13th

Lynne Stewart:

  • “First, criminal defense attorney Lynne Stewart and Patrick Cole of “Time” magazine discuss the trial of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168 people (Charlie Rose).”
  • Lynne Stewart: My Fight for Justice in “Patriot Act” USA Introduction by Ashlee Albies, chair, Portland National Law…all È Lynne Stewart: My Fight for Justice in “Patriot Act” (Portland State University)
  • Defense Attorney Lynne Stewart Interviewed by Paul DeRienzo
  • Lynne Stewart talks about her life as an activist lawyer, her trial, the appeal.
  • Lynne Stewart interview with Harold Hudson Channer